A Ray of Hope

It's 2020.....and we miss our friends...

Made completely remotely in 1 day for the 24-Hour Animation Competition. Received first place.


  • Animation (0:16-0:21)

  • Compositing/Editing

Team Members:

  • Jeremy Tsujita (Animation)

  • Memo Botaro (Animation)

  • Nikita Greer (Backgrounds)

  • Anita Cipriano (Backgrounds)



When machines around the city start going haywire, a young hero sets out to prove themself in the public eye by defeating the mechanical menace.


All aspects

Full storyboards for this project can be found in the "Story" portfolio

Only Love

​A short about love, liquor, and loss. Made with a team of 12 using Maya.


  • Character designs and turnarounds

  • Texturing/UV mapping (Liquor store, clothing, character skin)

  • Some storyboards

Team Members:

  • Mike Solovykh - Director

  • Veronica Chen - Producer

  • Emilee Chen, Kelly Cho, Casey Curry-Wilson, Ricky Herrera, Jessica Jacobo, Oliver Jek, Zeferino Rincon, JS Wu, Kyle Zhou


What if all walls disappeared?

Made with a team of 5 in 1 day for the 24-Hour Animation Competition.


  • Project manager

  • Animation (Purple character)

  • Storyboards

Team Members:

  • Jessica Jacobo - Animation (Bird scene), character coloring

  • Bernadette Parina - Animation (Fight scene), sound mixing

  • Yuan Zhou - Animation (Bathroom scene), backgrounds

  • JS Wu - Animation (Mime scene), backgrounds