You wake up in the medbay of a ship at sea. You don't know who you are or what your role is, but a young cartographer is excited to introduce you to the crew. As you talk to your shipmates, pieces of a narrative start coming together. But be careful, the story you form in your head might be far from the truth...

Game Type: Visual Novel (Made in RenPy), Pong-style Minigame (Made in Unity). "Iron Volley" mini-game embedded below [Desktop Only].


  • Story/Art Director and project lead

  • Character art, visual development, backgrounds (thumbnails, color, cleanup)

  • Story writing and dialogue

Team Members:

  • Jessica Jacobo - Programming

  • Yuan Zhou - Background art assistance

Iron Volley (Minigame)

A re-imagining of Pong with some changes; the board is circular and the walls can be pushed!

All backgrounds, assets, and animation are original art. Made in Unity3D [May take a few seconds to load]

Player 1 (Left): Use W and S to control your paddle

Player 2 (Right): Use Up-arrow and Down-arrow to control your paddle